Meet Camiel Sims

A founding member of the Hampton Roads Philharmonic, Camiel Sims has found joy in collaborating with other musicians and building relationships through the arts. A musician since 4th grade, Camiel enjoyed learning about playing the clarinet from an early age.

Camiel loves playing various genres but says that pieces from the romantic era are her favorite. She has developed a great career in higher education administration at Virginia Peninsula Community College, specifically as a dual enrollment coordinator. Outside of work and the Hampton Roads Philharmonic, she enjoys gardening, baking, and traveling to see Major League Baseball games when she’s not watching her teenage boys swim and play baseball.

The Hampton Roads Philharmonic is a group of dedicated and passionate musicians of all ages providing music to Hampton Roads. Our members perform at larger concerts and smaller chamber performances across the region throughout the year. Learn more about our organization, or find out how you can join our orchestra.

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