This spring, help support a local community orchestra by participating in the Hampton Roads Philharmonic’s spring fundraiser! You can help us spread classical music to the greater Hampton Roads area by donating, sharing our posts on social media, and crowdfunding with us! Choose to donate to any one of the three focus areas, or donate to an area of general need!


Over the past two seasons, our music library has nearly doubled.  To accommodate our growing library, we aim to purchase music filing and storage materials and 50 orchestral folders to keep our parts safe and organized throughout each rehearsal period.  Growing our budget in this area will allow us to compensate a librarian for managing our music.

Young Artists Competition

Our competition is growing each year, and we are continuing to raise funds to support the event. Support of this event so far has allowed us to expand our prize offerings to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and an honorable mention. Your donation will enable us to keep registration fees at a minimum, increases the amounts and categories of awards given, hire professional guest judges, and pays for the costs associated with running the event. Additionally, if our budget for this event grows enough, we hope to be able to lift the public domain requirement on competing works, bringing a broader scope of music to our audience.

Percussion Instruments

As we work to expand our programming each season, our need for percussion instruments has grown. A donation to the orchestra can help fund the purchase of the following materials that we need: new timpani heads; sticks, mallets, and beaters; various auxiliary instruments; and a percussion storage cabinet to store our instruments properly. Additionally, we’re still working on fundraising toward large instrument purchases, including Glockenspiel, Marimba, and Gong. In the future, we hope to bring works to life by being able to perform them with the complete instrumentation intended by the composer.

How to Give

Our budget is met almost entirely by individual donors such as yourself. Consider donating today if you’d like to support our mission to inspire, enrich, and connect our community with classical music performed by local musicians!

Checks payable to “Hampton Roads Philharmonic” for your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 3428
Hampton, VA 23663

Want to help support the orchestra? You can do that directly from your Facebook page! Visit and search for the Hampton Roads Philharmonic!

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